All or Nothing – A Game For A Sub To Play

One of my favorite long term games that I like my sub to play is the one I call All Or Nothing. This game, in a nutshell is to alternate between periods of tease and denial, and periods of orgasm overload. Sounds awesome doesn’t it..and let me tell you, it is. I got the idea some years ago from an internet forum. I cannot remember where, but Thank You to whoever first thought of it.

The main thrust of the game is to give your slave a period of time, say 2 weeks where he is not permitted any sexual release at all. There can of course be lots of teasing and edging during this time. But no cumming ensures a lovely frustrating build of cum materializes in those big sensitive balls of his. He will naturally suffer lots of sleepless nights during this period, lots of hours spent hard, blue balls etc. My slave has a very reactive cock especially during prolonged periods of sexual denial, and it tends to get rock hard at the slightest provocation, which I totally love to see.

So eventually, after the two weeks are up, it is time to move into the 2nd phase, which is called orgasm overload. You can decide how you want to do this, but I like to give him the target of 5 cums a day. This, let me tell you is not as easy as it sounds. Alas, at first he is so ready to cum after the 2 weeks of chastity that the first few orgasms are usually no problem for him. I love the first huge cumload he shoots after 2 weeks of build up. It is explosive! However by the end of Day 1 and moving into Day 2 your slave will begin to realize just what he has gotten themselves into.

A guy may boast that cumming 5 times is easy, but it is not and in some cases it will not be possible to do so many, so you will have to set him a realistic target for each day. After an orgasm a cock is very sensitive and he usually doesn’t want to do it again for a while. I love this male weakness. I love all male weaknesses and when I find one I’ll always exploit it and use it against him for my own amusement. Watching your male struggle against his own body for you is a wonderful thing.

I do not have to be present at all of his orgasms, I do like to help him where I can but I cannot be with my slave 24/7, and so some of them will occur when he is by himself. He often likes to shoot his load in the bathroom where he works. I don’t have to preside over my slave because I trust him to co-operate fully with my demands, and of course his poor cock needs to recover after each orgasm, so it is only feasible to allow him to spread his cums over the full duration of 24 hours.

After 2 weeks of what seems like wall to wall orgasms it is time to put him back into chastity again. So you see how wonderful this game is? The male is never in a comfortable state because he is either frustrated and horny, or having to turn his balls inside out for me. I love to see how it messes with his mind. I love to fuck him up. To test his inner strength. To put him under huge amounts of stress.

This is a game that he cannot win, because sooner or later his body will fail him. He either has an accident and cums during the chastity period, or he cannot keep up with the physical demands of the orgasm overload. And that is the beauty of being a Domme. Because I always win.


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