Brutal Balls Punching Orgasm

balls punching orgasm

Well to receive a handjob from my most beautiful Mistress is certainly this slave’s dream. To cum after such a long time in chastity would normally be pleasurable beyond words. But of course Mistress will not ever let it be so simple. With Mistress at the helm, things are never quite what they seem. She always has some cruel and twisted idea to ruin my pleasure. She owns me completely and I so want to serve, but the way she handles my cock, I do not have a choice but to spew my pathetic load all over myself, and when I do I just know whats to come. The cock and ball abuse starts without warning, before I’ve even had a chance to enjoy my own orgasm. Oh Mistress, why so cruel. Why can’t I just have an orgasm and then I could worship your feet.

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